fredag 19 februari 2010

Make an iSandwich, SonyEricsson version

I just got this pictures from Jonas O. He was inspired from our movie and made an iKnäckemacka. In Sweden we have this bread that is very hard, you need strong teeth to eat it. But it´s all crispy and healthy. He used apple, kiwi, ketchup and I think it´s a kind of silver decorations for birthday cakes.

Very inspiring! Send us your pictures of an iSandwich.

onsdag 3 februari 2010

Iphone Wallpaper - a snack on the fly

There has been some suggestions on making an iSandwich wallpaper for the iPhone and of course we have given it a thought. More than that, we made some.

The wallpapers comes in three flavours:
“The Branded iSandwich”, “No-Brand-iSandwich” and the “iSandwich Motto”.

Have a snack, and as always: enjoy!

/ Jon

a Superdad

Via the twitter search, I found the Nerdsallad blog, that writes about the iSandwich.

And there he is. An amazing dad spending hours every week designing the lunchbox for his son. He often makes superheroes. I wonder if his going to make an iSandwich next week?


Five ways to use social media

I had a very interesting day yesterday. First I had a little chit-chat with Elias. He have no Facebook, Twitter or even e-mail. He´s only seven weeks. And he is the son of my cousin. That reminds me of a story a couple of months ago when we got a picture from the hospital with our friends son. From a newly created Gmail account. The baby was just a couple of hours old, but already a part of the web...

Later in the evening I went to a conference arranged by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm/Uppsala. The theme was how companies can build welfare in our society". At the dinner I had a discussion with a representative from the Chamber and we talked about social media. There are lot´s of companies that want to understand how to use the social web. Here are some ways:

1. Intranet, let your employees communicate, solve problems, and communicate to help the colleges improve.
2. External information, to report what´s going on right now. Like the RedCross on Twitter
3. Business intelligence, you can listen on persons, companies, topics and trends.
4. Reversed Customer Service, like the Swedish Rail Company SJ AB that respond their passangers on twitter. When a customer writes "I´m stuck on train 1247 in the middle of nowhere and have no information" they respond with information. A couple of days ago they helped a man find the briefcase he lost on the train.
5. Build relation and engagement. All companies need customers. And it´s inspiring to see how Apple builds relation, engagement and Hype around the brand.

On the news this morning they reported that some of the parties in Sweden will learn the politicians how to use social media. After making contact with 81 members of the parliament, only 69 responded within one week.


lördag 30 januari 2010

Behind the scenes added

I added some clips from the making of the film.


Some pictures

fredag 29 januari 2010

we are viral, but are we advertizing?

"some nerd funny shit" as somebody described our movie. Thanx! In less than 48 hours we have send our nerdy movie to more than 6000 wievers. But are we advertizing something? What´s the idea? What´s the point? Well, we are viral, that´s the point.

Our movie could advertize this:
Fazer Rågform (bread)
Heinz Chili Sauce
French Mustard
Dutch Cucumber
Dole Pineapple
Chiquita Bananas (check this link)
Global knifes
and of course Apple, Macintosh or the iLife package

But it´s not

Jon that shot the film is an excellent webdesigner, and I work as a project manager and consultant in organzational development. There are a lot of work to be done. We just want to understand the mechanisms of the social web. Internet is a revolution for democracy, education, development and creativity. Kevin Kelly made a intersting talk at the TED conference in 2007. "Kevin Kelly on the next 5000 days of the internet". He starts summing up the first 5000 days of the web and expand his thoughts about the future. Inspiring!

Just think for a moment, when everybody can have an iPhone 4G in their hand. How will that world look like?