onsdag 27 januari 2010

No food was wasted!

We’ve seen that lots of people are linking to the movie – Thank you guys!

This day we would like to clarify one thing and kind of make a statement:

No food was wasted!
Just like the nature-loving-people at Apple, we to made sure not to let anything go to waste.
Luckily, food, just like glass and aluminum, is very much recyclable. Now don’t go figure you can eat glass now, the analogy does not work the other way around.

We made grate effort to buy ecological, FairTrade and locally produced ingredients, still: the Pinapple is the black sheep among fruits…

After “the wrap” we made two large iSallads using the leftovers. We just might release the “Behind the scenes” to show you.

Don´t play with the food, enjoy it!

We used Fazer Rågform, the perfect size for an iPhone, sorry; iSandwich.

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